Welcome to Sandton Optometrists!

Sandton Optometrists is a professional optometrist practice based in Atholl Square in Sandton. We specialize in comprehensive eye examinations and prescribe single vision, bifocal and multifocal spectacle lenses depending on individual needs. We also fit a wide range of contact lenses. We work closely with ophthalmologists and other health care professionals.

We offer professional eyecare services in Atholl Square in Sandton

Optometrists use a variety of tests and procedures to examine your eyes. We examine your visual acuity, which is a measure of the sharpness of your vision, as well as your eye health in your consultation. There are various systemic diseases (for example high blood pressure and diabetes) that can affect the structures within the eyes. These conditions can be identified in an eye examination. We also dispense spectacles and contact lenses.

In our comprehensive eye examinations, we utilise the latest optometric equipment to ensure that we are able to give our patients clear and comfortable vision.

We believe in a multi-disciplinary approach and work closely with other health professionals to manage eye-disease and other eye-related conditions.

We are contracted into most major medical aids. We also accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

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Our practice is also associated with Registered Audiologists: Prime Hearing

Audiologists specialize in identifying, diagnosing, treating and monitoring disorders of the auditory and vestibular system.  Audiologists-on-Call offer professional hearing services at our practice.

Sandton Optometrists helping you see better, helping you hear better!